Grupo Siuma evaluates the preliminary needs of the company to develop an exploration agenda aligned to the company objectives, where the client receives accompanied services to help them collect the necessary information, quickly and efficiently, for an informed decision making in terms of Panama as a destination according to their business strategy. Our services include the design of the agenda, coordination of appointments with stakeholders, and accompanied services by professionals of the industry to all meetings.

    Step 1: Corporate needs assessment to design exploration agenda – Information required includes

    • Type of business / industry
    • Type of activity to establish
    • Target market
    • Employees to hire and to relocate from other countries

    Step 2: Development of Exploration Agenda –  Categories may include, but are not limited to

    • Legal Aspects
      • Types of companies
      • Company creation
      • Commercial License
      • Operation permits
      • Social Security
      • Taxes
    • Real estate updated information
      • Type of real estate (offices, industrial, commercial, lots, etc)
      • Areas according to type of operations
      • Price per square meter according to areas
    • Labor Environment
      • Recruitment
      • Policies and procedures
      • Multicultural environment management
      • Payroll outsourcing
      • Relocation programs
    • Business specific related
      • Potential stakeholders
      • Potential clients
      • Potential providers
      • Government entities
      • Others



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