From the design planning to the final installation, our team supports every phase of the project management, so you can focus on business continuity during the transition to the new office.  For your convenience, our services are delivered in phases to allow for flexibility when needed:

    Phase 1:  Project Definition & Procurement Management Process

    Understanding our clients’ needs is key to deliver a successful project.  We focus on their needs of space distribution, the type of collaboration environment and how they want to live their cultural organizational values.  Once this is aligned, our support continues with the supplier procurement process outsourcing:

    • Contracting of the Architecture Firm or Interior Design
    • Contractors Aquisition
    • Office furniture suppliers

    Phase 2:  Construction Administration

    Once the design, final floorplans and contractors have been approved, the execution of the project begins.  A supervisor is appointed to ensure the agreed objectives are being met and helps supervise any obstacle encountered during the project.  He will focus on:

    • Supplier Management
    • Cost containment

    Phase 3:  Installation Logistics Management

    Once the offices are ready, our support will be focused on:

    • Utilities and services connections
    • Furniture reception and installation
    • Moving coordination
    • Furniture and equipment recycling/elimination



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