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Employee experience (or “EX”), according to Bersin by Deloitte, is “the sum total of all the touchpoints an employee has with his or her employer, from the time of being a candidate (active or passive) to becoming an alumna.”

EX has a critical link with employee engagement, and high engagement leads to increase in sales growth.  A thoughtfully designed employee experience is swiftly becoming a necessity to compete in the war for talent, including a redesigned mobility policy.

The Launchpad

Shift from Employee Engagement to EX:

The concept was created to have a different HR approach, taking into consideration that if companies have a Customer Experience Team to take care of the customer, then an Employee Experience Team could take care of the employee so that employees are treated the way the company wants the customers to be treated.  This would have a profound impact on the way services are delivered, and a direct influence in the employee engagement.

Traditional companies would have to implement a completely new mindset: creating personalized employee experience.  It would not just be an HR initiative.  Its broader concept that shifts how the CEO, leadership and HR think about employees.  It is about approaching employees how you approach customers.  Do things WITH and FOR, not TO them.  This has changed how mobility programs are implemented, as benefits are no longer forced on executives, but rather offered to work with and for them.

The New EX Journey

Starts with candidacy and ends with alumni, and it is all about planning a personalized journey.  The following chart shows how the journey can be pre planned for every position and adjusted to the employee’s needs:

Setting people for success not only applies when they are being recruited, but when they are relocated, promoted, or start a new position.  Other things implemented in are wellness and social impact.  This needs to be considered in internal communications and through 2-way personalized dialogs across the entire journey.

The data shows that when you have an employee experience approach, you can really drive engagement, productivity, and satisfaction.  80% of executives rate workforce experience as very important to how they feel a part of the company and contribute more.  Enterprises with EX programs experience:

  • 4x more retention
  • 2x more innovation.
  • Doubled their customer satisfaction rate.
  • 25% greater profits.

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With all this in mind, how can HR navigate the right route:
  • Discover: Knowledge is power.   Study and listen to your workforce segments to understand their unique needs, values, and behaviors.
  • Empathize: Appreciate workers experiences identify the moments that matter in their journey to learn what motivates or discourages them.
  • Co-create: Access workers who are closest to the experience.  Ideate and co-design solutions with them.
  • Iterate: Pilot, test, integrate and measure feedback.  Everything is a work in progress – fail early, fail fast, adopt, and scale what works.
Measure Success
  • Engagement: Consider different ways to ask the right questions to measure employee engagement and give opportunities to receive feedback to what goes well and what does not.
  • Retention: Looking at the retention rate is a good way to measure success.
  • Productivity: How quickly can the employee reach 100% productivity after starting a new position.  This also relates as to how quickly a person can get settled in a new location with the right tools.

If you are looking for ways to enhance the experience and want to implement an EX in your mobility program, don’t hesitate to contact us.  This new approach will help you to connect better with your employees and will help them gain productivity faster than before.

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